Women Wealth Builders in Real Estate

Fortified with years of experience and training,  Jeannetta has uncracked the code and found the strategies along with shortcuts that will save you both time, money and frustration.  Now, Jeannetta with over 15 years of commercial, residential, land, investment and lending experience; she’s teaching you all her secrets during the Women Wealth Builder Real Estate MasterClass!

12-week curriculum

You’ll learn the real estate investing strategies that are working in this market so that you can gain the education and confidence that you been‘ve been searching for in a safe community environment.

100% Exclusive

Access to the community of like-minded women and female real estate leaders so that you can network and received inspiration, motivation and education you need to invest in real estate with confidence.

What is the

Women Wealth Builders in Real Estate Investing Masterclass?

An engaging training and wealth building experience for women ready to invest in real estate of all levels. Offering 12-weeks of one of a kind live interaction sessions, workshops, hands-on guidance, and lectures.

Each lesson is an inept conversation with real estate investing experts, providing advice, essential concepts, detailed explanations of techniques and strategies as well as common mistakes made in the industry.

What are some of the things you will learn?

Short Term Rentals

If you like HGTV you will love how to create gorgeous and profitable rentals that earn you passive income.


What is it, how it works and how to get started without risking your credit or your own money

Fix & Flip

Expert tips and step by step you need to ensure you are profit on every deal

House Hacking

Learn how to live in your dream neighborhood for a faction of the cost and create tax-free profits through creative financing.

BRRRR Method

You will learn how to buy, renovate, rent, refinance and repeat to create the ultimate rental portfolio for passive income

Negotiating Deals

Build your confidence and learn how to help homeowners solve their problems so you can create a win-win and close the deal

The Diamond Formula

Learn how to calculate your offer with our proven process so you can ensure you profit on every deal

Millionaire Mindset

The secret to success that has allowed average women to become millionaires and achieve financial freedom

You’ll also get access to the private FB Community

The Women Wealth Builder Real Estate are a group of strong, supportive leaders and are wanting to support and be supported by women in the investing community. When you enroll today, you’ll gain access to the private Facebook community where you’ll connect with like-minded women’s like you who are beginning their journey or in the mist of their journey towards building and leaving a legacy.

Jeannetta Collier

Jeannetta will guide you through extensive training. Jeannetta is a global transformational and motivational speaker, master coach, author, real estate expert, executive producer, philosophy and founder of NuBlac’ Investments LLC.

Immersing herself in the industry by attending networking, conferences, workshops, and events that allowed her to network with other real estate investors.  Jeannetta even taught real estate investment for 4 years, but what she noticed was a scarcity of women in the industry.  Including instructors, speakers, and participants at the events and workshops.  She discovered how women were being overlooked for the opportunity to achieve financial stability like their male counterparts and women needed to become aware of the untapped opportunities and advantages of investing in real estate.  

Come and see what's really possible for your life!

An real estate investor in her own right. Recognized as one of the Top 5 Real Estate Leaders To Look Out For In 2022. Jeannetta has been figured in numerous of magazines and articles. As well and seen on NBC, FOX, FOX SOUL, CW 33 and many more others.

By the end of this training you will learn real estate investing strategies so that you can gain confidence and education to put into action without fear of the future…