Women Empowering
Women Retreat

Legacy Leadership: Building Bridges and Breaking Through Fear

October 2025 – nairobi, africa

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Women Empowering Women Retreat

Join Jeannetta Collier , International Business Leaders and The Boss Ladies of Dallas at an Exclusive 10-day Retreat on the beautiful continent of Nairobi, Africa.

This retreat is designed for women who want more: more time with family and friends; more energy; more love; more fun; more money! This is where we come together as sisters to support each other through the ups-and-downs of being a woman in today’s sociality and life in general. We’ll help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes next—we know what it feels like!

You will be connected with a sisterhood from around the globe. A sister with a like-mind to help you
take your business global and a sisterhood of girlfriends that you will connect with for a life-time.

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day—but what about what’s happening on the inside?

The last thing we want is for you to feel like you have to compromise your health or happiness in order to succeed as an entrepreneur. That’s why we created this retreat: because we know that when you feel good, you do good—and we believe that when your physical and emotional wellness are taken care of with the help of the sisterhood, everything else falls into place.

Become an Ambassador

We are looking for 10 top women in leadership interested in Women Empowering Women Ambassador Program

What you will receive as an Ambassador:

Become our Mentee

We are looking for 10 young women interested in having a 1 year of mentorship in business, indentureship, life and self-awareness

What you will receive as a Mentee:

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Come and experience life changing transformation
Global Business Expansion – Global Connections–Self-Awareness –
Relationships – Finance – Health & Wellness

“Let’s trade in our heels for sandals!”

Let’s create a beautiful sisterhood and memories for generations to come! More details to follow!

I am Jeannetta Collier; I am the CEO & Founder of Jeannetta Collier Enterprises Inc; Imaginary Glass Ceiling LLC;  and Nu’Blac Investments LLC. I help professional women, experts, influencers, authors,
established and aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers, executives, coaches, and speakers create an
abundance mindset and/or build a business and/or sisterhood that sustains growth and progress.

Regardless of what is happening in the world, you will be able to work with intention, conscious.
thought, decision and action while helping their ideal client obtain financial freedom and abundance by
doing business anytime, anywhere and sustain a sisterhood of girlfriends like no other!
Last year I had the honor to travel to Nairobi, Africa for a 10- day speaking tour. The experience was life

The people are warm & amp; welcoming, the hotels and services are amazing, the countryside is breathtaking, the food is OMG fresh and I can truly go on. Forget about what you have seen on
television…. Because on my trip to this day I have made business connections as well as life-long friends.
One of my granddaughters accompany me on the trip. She was so taking back she asked me, if we can
stay forever. I enjoyed my experience so much I want to share the experience with you, my sisters!