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“My passion is to help you personally and professionally step into your own. By providing a personalized solution with proven strategies that transforms individuals and organizational culture. ”

Jeannetta Collier is a highly requested and sought after motivational speakers and author. Jeannetta went from a struggling single Teen Mom to a highly successful entrepreneur, author, real estate expert, and Life Coach.  Jeannetta’s journey and story has magnetized 1,000’s across the globe to her transformational life trainings. While using her knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programing & Human Development, Jeannetta’s philosophy centers on understanding how people think and what is needed to push people past their fears and into a zone of confidence and clarity that allows them to flourish in the world.

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Imaginary Glass Ceilings

Are you living life to your fullest potential?
Chances are many of us are ignoring that voice in the back of our head that’s telling us to be more and do more.
I challenge you all to listen to that voice and break free from the imaginary glass ceilings holding you down.

The definition of the term “glass ceiling”, is an unacknowledged, and ultimately illegal, barrier to advancement, especially for women and people of color.

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