Robert Collier

About The Coach

Robert Collier is an entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and high-performance coach who’s helped over 100 entrepreneurs and top performers to accelerate their business success.
As an entrepreneur, Robert is the Founder of Entrepreneurs Dinner which is an invite-only, curated event that helps entrepreneurs to gain clarity to fulfill their vision, meet 1-2 life-changing mentors per quarter, and develop long-term partnerships to reach their financial goals even faster.

As a speaker, Robert has shared the same platform as Former President Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins, and billionaire Richard Branson. Robert’s TEDx Talk titled “Why are billion-dollar brands chasing intimacy?” shares the surprising secret used by the world’s biggest brands (like Apple, Beyonce, and Google) to become the #1 choice in their industry — in a way to help you to do the same. And his talk has since been featured by TED on their website.

As a performance coach, Robert helps entrepreneurs and professionals to accomplish their most important goals, systematically. He has taught his strategies for increasing performance for both individuals and high-performing teams at places such as Microsoft and The City of Dallas. Robert’s system has been responsible for helping to coach his private clients from $0 to $20,000 per month inside of just 4 months, experience more peace and energy throughout each day, and develop long-term consistency of action and accountability to achieve their most important goals in business and life.

Robert spends 10 days at a silent meditation retreat every year and enjoys traveling, fitness, and playing basketball for fun.

Robert is an innovator with the ability to combine commerce with compassion and develop long-lasting changes in the lives of those he serves.

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