Dr. Kennette

About The Coach

Dr. Kennette Thigpen, or Dr. K as many have come to call her, is the founder of Rise Women’s Network. Rise Women’s Network is designed to help women gain courage, confidence, and clarity so they can fully step into their purpose, show up passionately and purposefully and do the extraordinary.

As a high-achievement therapist, Dr. K teaches women to use Internal Communication Processes (ICP) to get to their next level. She utilizes the skills that she has learned in her 15+ years of experience working with hundreds and hundreds of individuals and companies from around the globe as an International Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

As a speaker, she is sought out by companies and conferences to deliver transformational, empowering, and inspiring workshops, breakout sessions, keynotes, and consultations.

It has become her desire to help each woman rise to their fullest potential. #NextSisterUp! A woman alone has power; collectively we have an impact!

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