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Breaking Through Imaginary Glass Ceiling

Why I Speak

Jeannetta is a motivational speaker, best-selling author, and Founder and CEO of Imaginary Glass Ceiling, LLC. She has won several awards and dedicates her time to community philanthropic causes. National and International publications have featured Jeannetta in their articles. She has been recognized as one of Dallas’s Most Notable People in North Texas. Her book, The Best YOU: A 365 Day Motivational Journey has helped people from around the world.

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Breaking Through Fear

Jeannetta Collier

The Best You

Jeannetta encourages readers to begin each morning with intention and harnessing the power of motivation. This allows positivity to resonate throughout the rest of their day.

Starting with “Day 1” instead of a calendar date, The Best You invites readers to begin wherever they choose. Readers move onward throughout a year’s worth of journaling opportunities, without the pressure of a schedule.

Readers will journal their growth in love, wisdom, and strength. They’ll address their pain, healing, and impacting others through service and acts of love. They’ll receive guidance from poems, Bible verses, inspirational thoughts, and posed questions.

"After receiving Jeannetta's book and having the unbelievable opportunity to meet her in person, it's apparent the words in this book are from her heart. It's warm and enlivened, motivational and reassuring. Many thanks to Jeannetta for pouring her heart and wisdom out for all of us to receive."
- Lori Kolbye (Amazon Review)

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