Jeannetta Collier’s Businesses, Imaginary Glass Ceiling LLC, and Nu’Blac Investments Helping Individuals Move Towards a More Secure Life!

“My goal is to take people who are stuck in negativity & self-doubt and show them they’re stronger than what’s holding them back.” – Jeannetta Collier

Jeannetta Collier is the Founder and CEO of Jeannetta Collier Enterprises Inc, Imaginary Glass Ceiling LLC, and Nu’Blac Investments LLC, organizations that were founded based on an ongoing need for education, and to provide awareness and access to networks and platforms that have not been available to so many, for far too long.

Jeannetta Collier is an entrepreneur herself, with more than 25 years of experience, and she is not afraid to evolve by testing out new strategies, if it allows her to impart major positive change! She has been featured twice as One of the Most Notable People in North Texas and has led numerous start-ups. Jeannetta is also a transformational master life coach and business strategist, certified NLP master coach, international speaker, investment strategist in real-estate and market trading, philanthropist, published author, community advocate, creative and executive producer, and radio host of The Best You.

As Jeannetta is often heard saying, “Words have power, speak carefully.” To her, this has a special meaning and one that many successful individuals are aware of as well. To have a conscious awareness of thoughts, words, and mindset is truly a powerful thing as they can be manifested into real-life situations. However, once a positive mindset is mastered it is then that the journey can begin towards overcoming hurdles and achieving dreams. Through Jeannetta’s own positive mindset, hard work, and devotion she has formed two successful businesses, Imaginary Glass Ceiling, an organization that helps empower women to reach their fullest potential both personally and professionally, and Nu’Blac Investments, early-stage venture capital and angel investment firm that invests in start-up companies, both of which have helped numerous clients obtain their dreams.

89% of U.S. millionaires are self-made and the majority of these millionaires acquired their wealth through investments, real estate, stocks, products, services, and by being financially savvy. But for many individuals, the struggles lie in their inability to take a brilliant idea from concept to completion, in order to build the wealth that they desire. These individuals are stuck…stuck in negativity, self-doubt, and often fear of the unknown. What keeps them stuck is that Nu’Blac Investment and Imaginary Glass Ceiling competitors typically want to give individuals a piece of the pie, as far as tips and strategies, which are just enough to keep clients coming back to get another slice. The advantage to working with Nu’Blac Investment and Imaginary Glass Ceiling is that they want to provide clients with the whole pie, so that they may share, and help others grow in their knowledge, abundance, and wealth!

Clients of Nu’Blac Investments and Imaginary Glass Ceilingthis is the link you want for my coaching programs  (Coaching – Jeannetta Collier)    are provided with educational resources and comprehensive programs including educational platforms such as: 

  • Workshops and seminars including: Financial Freedom – Investments and Residual Revenue
  • Events and Networking Opportunities including: Breaking Through the Fear: Unleash the Champion Within, Business and Relationship Alignment and Motivate and Move
  • Online courses including: How to Start a Foundation Structural Business
  • Personal Development: group and private coaching
  • Jeannetta’s book, The Best YOU: A 365 Day Motivational Journey
  • Radio/podcast show, The Best You

The information that individuals walk away with is truly invaluable as it not only enables them with strategies toward achieving financial freedom but allows them to provide incredible knowledge to hand down to future generations.

Ideal clients of Jeannetta are those who are seeking a more secured life, whether it’s personally or professionally. Or, those who desire a day that is not about counting down the hours until they get paid and instead would prefer learning tools to make money work rather than working for money. For those that can imagine a life where they’re living out their dreams, and have a crystal-clear clarity of their purpose, they are the ones perfectly suited to jump on board!

 Jeannetta’s goal has always been to impact as many lives as possible through positive works in the act of service. She firmly believes that she is here to serve and provide knowledge for others to live a fulfilling life. As a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, and remarkable change-maker she has surely proven that her works will enable others with the Learn, Grow and Show method, which will continue to provide worth for years, and generations, to come.